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Do You Know What Rillettes Are?

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If you have dined in high-end restaurants, you have probably sampled upscale meals like boeuf bourguignon, oysters, foie gras, and coq au vin. But did you know that some of these gourmet meals were considered the “food for the poor” not so long ago? Rillette, a popular dish in the mediterranean cuisine -and very popular in France- has been gracing dining tables as far as the 14th century. While rillettes are commonly found in high-end restaurants, what you might not know is that you can easily prepare the meal from the comfort of your home kitchen.

Continue reading to learn more about rillettes.

What are rillettes?

Rillette, also known as potted meat, is a classic Mediterranean cuisine that includes slowly cooked meat, flavored with mild herbs and seasoning. Rillettes are also a preservation method that involves cubing, seasoning, and slowly cooking meat in fat, for an extended period, usually around 5-10 hours. The shredded meat is then packed in sterile jars containing fat and stored, where it remains in perfect condition for several months.

The origin of the rillettes

Before the invention of freezers and cold rooms, people used traditional charcuterie crafts such as rillettes to prepare and preserve meats. The word rillette is derived from the rille, a term from the old French dialect that has virtually become extinct. Although rillettes are available in most restaurants around the world, they first became popular in the cities of Tours and Reins in France.

How to prepare them

Who said you must break your bank account to enjoy rillettes? Rillettes are easy to make at home, and although rillettes are usually made from pork, you can use various types of meat, including fish, rabbit, ham or you can also enjoy duck rillettes. So, how exactly do you prepare this amazing delicacy?

Cooking rillettes is fun, seamless, and rewarding because the end product is delicious, nutritious, and contains flavors that will leave you craving for more. Preparing rillettes involves cooking well-seasoned meat in low heat for an extended period.

Here is a simple guide to help you prepare meat rillettes:

Gather your ingredients

The great thing about rillette is that it requires relatively few ingredients to prepare. Choose a boneless piece of meat, clean water, and different spices, including thyme, salt, black pepper, and salt.

Season the meat

Cut your piece of meat into reasonable cubes and place them in a mixing bowl. Pour your spices and herbs on the meat and thoroughly mix and place the mixture in a cooking pot. Ensure you spread the spices evenly so that all the pieces are seasoned adequately.

Cook the meal

Preheat your oven to around 320 F -3230 F. Cover the cooking pot with an airtight lid and cook until the meat starts falling apart. Ideally, you should cook rillette for around 4-6 hours. You can serve rillette on a plate by spreading the meal lightly across bread or garnishing it with vegetables.

What is the difference between rillettes and pâtés?

Rillettes and pâtés are pretty like very subtle differences. The main difference between rillettes and pâtés is in the texture. Pâtés are often doused with milk, which gives the meals a smoother texture. While rillette has a chunky texture, pâtés have a smoother texture. Another difference is in the type of meat that is found in rillettes and pâtés. Pâtés are made from meat such as liver, while rillette is made from chunks of meat harvested from a leg, breast, rib, or thigh.

Rillette, a common delicacy in Mediterranean cuisine has become popular with food lovers because of its juicy flavors and chunky textures that make it appealing to people with enlightened palates. Rillette is easy to make because you only require a handful of ingredients, and the steps are easy, making it an ideal meal to cook at home. Sound good? Don’t miss out.


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