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The Delicate Secret of The Confit

The secret of confit

Confit cooking may sound like a phrase plucked from fancy restaurants and exotic cuisines, but this technique is so simple you can do it from the comfort of your home. Confit cooking is an innovative technique you can use to prepare meats at relatively low temperatures to get a delicious and healthy meal. The technique comes from a traditional French culinary technique of cooking food in fat at low temperatures, creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria and preventing spoilage.

Foiegood have developed a technique to develop the process using olive oil. We use extra virgin olive oil, the highest quality and most recognizable flavor. This way we achieve a unique taste in our confit by reducing the number of calories and with less saturated fats. In both cases, the aim is to creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria and preventing spoilage. Whether you want to slowly tenderize duck, poultry, pork, goose meat, or veggies, Confit cooking is the ideal method to use to get great results.

If you would like to enjoy our duck confit in foiegood’s shop you can find our duck wings and thighs.


What are the key ingredients in confit cooking?

Confit is a versatile cooking and preservation technique you can use to preserve and prepare delicious foods. If you are looking for a traditional cooking technique with a hint of modernism to spice up your cooking experience, confit can transform your culinary experience.

At Foiegood we use this technique for the elaboration of our products. Our preparation process, developed by our R&D team, is what makes possible to produce our confit with its smooth and deep flavour.

Some essential ingredients for making confit include:

Fat (we use olive oil)

Whether in preservation or cooking, fat is a component in confit. The fat helps to protect the meat from bacteria in preservation. In confit cooking, the fat is crucial in making the meat tender and delicious by adding flavor.


It’s essential to draw water from your meat before submerging it in liquid oil to enhance the confit cooking process. Salt absorbs water from meats and replaces it with liquid oil, giving the meat a tender texture when cooked.


How does confit work?

Confit cooking involves preparing meals in liquid oil at a low temperature. Since you are preparing meats at relatively low temperatures of around 92C or lower, the process takes longer. Whether seeking a simple plant-based or meat culinary technique to enhance your cooking experience, confit cooking is a perfect addition to your home-cooking skill set.


Different meals you can prepare in confit cooking include:

Beyond meats. Surprise yourself with vegetable confit.

While confit cooking is mainly associated with preparing meat dishes, you can also use the technique to prepare vegetables. The steps for a diet-based confit include:

  • Clean your vegetables and make sure they are dry
  • Place your vegetables on a cooking pot and add spices such as herbs, rosemary, or pepper.
  • Add enough cooking oil to the pot to cover your vegetables. Preferably, use olive oil because it’s healthier than most liquid oils.
  • Cook for around 30 minutes in low-medium heat. You can serve your vegetables once they are cooked and tender.

Meat confit

Confit cooking is synonymous with delicious meaty dishes, and with good reason- it produces fantastic, tender, and mouthwatering meats. Whether you are a pork, duck, fish, beef, or poultry person, you can use the confit technique to make delicious dishes.

Here are the steps to use when preparing meat in confit:

  • Flavor a mixture of curing and kosher salt with seasoning flavors, including garlic, pepper.
  • Coat the meat with the seasoning mixture, ensuring every surface is covered.




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