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These Are The Cutlery You Need To Taste Spreads Like A Gourmet

Cutlery for duck spreadables

Etiquette is something very important, and when it comes to eating is no exception, that is why there are a few meals that should be eaten in a certain way and with certain utensils. So, in this article we will tell you a little about the cutlery foie and for other spreads, which you should use to eat them properly.

Cutlery foie, pâté, or similar preparation

It is usually spread with a small, flat, blunt cutting knife, especially for spreading this type of food as well as other preparations of a similar texture.

Cutlery Foie

Here we are going to introduce you to the cutlery you need to assemble your perfect foie tasting set:


  • Foie lyre: It is ideal for cutting thin slices cleanly for a good presentation. Its all-stainless-steel handle allows an easy and stable grip. Its stainless-steel wire guarantees a clean cut without breakage. A good alternative to a knife whose blade must first be heated. In addition, it can also be used for cutting cheese.

·         Foie cutting knife: A foie knife will allow you to serve and present your product with elegance, as it will be the perfect size and will not crush the product.

·         Foie Jar Opener: This jar opener will allow you to open your foie jars easily, effortlessly, and safely. The jar opener is an essential kitchen utensil.

·         Foie shovel: An essential accessory to sublimate your foie. It will serve to neatly arrange your beautiful, thin, and regular slices of foie on the plates.

·         Foie spreader: With the spreader, the foie spread is quick to prepare and will produce a great effect for any meal on a festive occasion.

·         Foie serving tray: You can find trays of any material suitable to put your foie there. Having a tray inside your set will allow you to serve your product in an elegant  and tidy way.

How to serve foie correctly using the perfect cutlery

Foie is not a simple pâté to spread on toast. Tasting it correctly is a whole process, and that is why at FoieGood we offer the following tips to taste it like a true Gourmet:

  • Chill the foie before tasting. Although whole foie is preserved at room temperature, try to chill it in the refrigerator one hour before serving. This will help it to have a better consistency and texture.
  • Use a lyre to cut slices. Try not to make the slice too thin but keep it light. Instead of a lyre, you can use a knife if it is very thin, flat, and well sharpened, after soaking it in hot water.
  • Clean your tool after each cut. Irregularities in a knife can cause foie to crack, so wipe your tool after each cut.
  • Use the right bread like biscotti, toast and seeded breads usually have too much flavor, and can cause you to lose some of the delicate flavor of a good foie.
  • Do not spread the foie. Place the sliced foie on the bread, without squishing or spreading it. Texture is as important a part of the experience as the flavor itself, so it is important that the slice be a solid piece with a certain thickness.


Finally, we can recommend you accompany the foie with sweet and soft flavors. Fruity drinks are a good choice, as well as the classic Perigord salad. If you are going to serve stronger foods, make sure that they follow the foie, to avoid their flavors overshadowing its texture.



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