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Tree-Nation Project: Planting Trees to Reduce Climate Change

Foiegood is a company defined by its responsibility towards the environment. We believe in a model based on sustainability. Respect for natural resources is an inherent part of our company philosophy. That is why Foiegood is proud to collaborate with the Tree-Nation project, a non-profit organization that enables citizens and companies to plant trees around the world and offset their CO2 emissions.


Did you know healthy forests can slow global warming by absorbing around 25 percent of carbon dioxide emissions? In a world where the global temperature is projected to hit 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2033, planting trees has never been more important.


The global community needs to plant billions of trees yearly to sequester a significant amount of greenhouse gases such as carbon from the atmosphere. So, if people know they need to plant trees to reverse the climate change damage, how come the process is slow? How can we encourage individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments to plant trees? A trendsetter in the campaign for climate change is Tree-Nation, a non-profit organization that has made tremendous progress in planting trees across the globe.


What is the Tree-Nation Project?

Ever wanted to plant a tree but didn’t know how and where to plant it? Do you dream about fighting for climate change justice but are unable because of a busy work schedule, school, or family? That’s where the Tree-Nation Project comes in. The Tree-Nation Project is a conservation and reforestation project with a mission to use technology to slow down climate change. The Tree-Nation Project was launched in 2006 by environmental activist Maxime Renaudin to combat climate change. To date, Tree-Nation has planted over 7 million trees across the globe to reduce carbon emissions to the atmosphere.


How can you be part of the Tree Nation Project?

Imagine helping the world become a safer and cooler place for present and future generations from the comfort of your home or office? Sounds awesome, right? The Tree-Nation Project allows every global citizen to actively make the world a better place by planting trees to fight climate change.


So, how can you become part of this noble initiative as an individual or a business? Simple, donate. You may not be able to plant a tree physically, but you can be the reason a tree is flourishing somewhere in the world. With as little as €0.15, you can become part of a global initiative to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere using trees.


To celebrate special moments with your loved ones, you can gift them a thoughtful gift by planting a tree in their honor. If you have a business, you can gift trees to your loyal customers by donating to the tree nation project. To donate, go to the Tree-Nation official website,, register an account and donate. You can donate as many times as you want.


Why is planting trees important?

There is a close relationship between deforestation and the continued rise in global temperature. One inadvertent effect of the increase in the global population is the destruction of forests for agricultural purposes. While cutting down trees for logging or farming provides short-term economic benefits, in the long run, the practice is catastrophic. Trees are the best weapons to protect the world against the tragic effects of global warming. Trees naturally absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By planting more trees, you can reduce the rate of carbon building in the atmosphere, helping to reduce global warming.


Impact of the Tree-Nation Project on the environment

Benefits of planting trees include:

  • Prevent soil erosion: The major causes of soil erosion are wind and water. Plants have deep roots that slow down landslides by securing the soil structure.
  • Trees have medicinal properties: Some compounds of pharmaceutical medicines are extracted from trees. You can also use leaves, bark, or flowers as food or herbal medicines.
  • Trees enrich the soil with nutrients: Trees help in creating healthy and lively soil. Trees have deep roots, which help break organic matter, enriching the soil with nutrients.


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