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Our duck spreadables are a delicious duck liver pâté with a smooth, creamy texture and a intense flavour.

A fantastic option for preparing appetizers or even more sofisticated recipes such as risotto, stuffed artichokes, etc.

An excelent and exquisite alternative to traditional foie gras products.

ENJOY Your Duck Spreadables

Our duck spreadables

With a smooth, creamy texture and an intense flavour… you will never believe it´s not foie gras!

We offer you different options; natural, with boletus or with truffle.

¡Try all of them, enjoy its diferent textures and aroma!



Gluten – free.

Product of Spain.

FoieGood ducks are allowed to grow slowly, outdoors, with space to roam freely and access to open water, and we never uses cages or force-feeding methods.

Our animals eat a 100% natural and vegetable diet consisting of at least 70% cereals.


How to use our duck spreadables

A fantastic option for preparing appetizers. It can be easily spread on bread and/or mixed with other foods.

Once open keep in the refrigerator, and consume within a maximum period of 5 days.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Enjoy all
Foiegood products


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